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There are many men and women who are unhappy with their buttocks. Their butt is too flat, too wide, or sagging. Cloths don't fit or look good on them. They were either born like this, or lost the form and shape of their buttocks after losing or gaining weight. Pregnancy, or just aging alone, can also affect the size, projection, and profile of the buttocks.
This leaves many people frustrated, especially those who don’t get the desired improvement through exercise and muscle toning.

There are a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures available to those who would like to have youthful, fuller, and perky buttocks with a more sensual body profile. The procedure for buttock augmentation and enhancement specifically varies depending on what is the actual deficiency and what is missing.

There are others who have "flat and wide" buttocks. Besides utilizing liposculpture to shape of their buttocks, fat injection or buttock implants are used to augment the deficient buttock volume and to provide projection.
Finally, there are people that through either weight loss or aging have developed "flat and sagging" buttocks. These people can consider buttock lift with or without buttock augmentation. It is possible to utilize some of the discarded fat and soft tissue to augment the buttocks. The newly sensationalized "Brazilian Butt Lift" is not truly a buttock lift procedure but more an augmentation which appears to have lifted the buttock by actually augmenting it and increasing its projection.

How is Buttock Augmentation with Implants performed?

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia, on an outpatient basis.

With this technique a 4 inch incision is placed in the middle of the buttock crease between the buttock cheeks to insert the implant. The buttock muscles are exposed and the implants are usually place between the two layers of the buttock muscles. This keeps the implant from sagging, gives it a more natural shape, and reduces the chance of having complications.

It is also possible to place the implants through the fold under the buttocks. This scar tends to be more noticeable and the implants often end up being placed too low. After placement of the implants the wounds are closed. Some plastic surgeons use temporary drains to remove excess fluid buildup.


Buttock Augmentation - "Brazilian Butt Lift"

The size and fullness of the buttocks can be enlarged with either natural fat injection /grafting/ transfer or with Buttock Implants. The combined technique of fat transfer and body contouring through liposculpture is otherwise known as the "Brazilian Butt Lift".

Brazilian Butt Lift or Buttock Augmentation with fat grafting or injection involves harvesting your own body fat from other areas of excess and transferring it into the buttock tissue. For example excess fat in the flanks, hips, lower back, thighs, or abdomen is liposuctioned, processed and then injected into themuscle and soft tissue of your buttocks.


During this fat grafting process the buttocks can be contoured to the desired shape and size. The fullness and projection of the buttocks can be greatly increased by laying many fine layers of micro-fat grafts throughout the thickness of the Gluteal muscle and the subcutaneous tissue. Because some of this fat does reabsorb, fat injection might need to be repeated.

How is Buttock Augmentation with Fat Grafting or Injection Performed?

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia, on an outpatient basis. First liposuction is performed to shape the buttocks. If there is excess fat in the thighs, flanks, hips, or the abdomen, they are liposuctioned. The suctioned fat is then processed and injected in very thin layers in the buttock muscle and the subcutaneous tissue. Fat grafting has to be performed very meticulously to increase the chance of survival of the grafted fat cells. The injected fat has to be carefully added in order to achieve the desired contour and profile. Because approximately 30% of the injected fat dissolves, grafting is usually exaggerated and at times repeated several months later. Compression garments are worn for several weeks after surgery in order to help form the buttocks as well as to reduce swelling.

How to Prepare for Buttock Augmentation?

The surgeon will provide very specific instructions prior to surgery so you will have an optimal and safe experience. These includes what medications to avoid to prevent excessive bleeding and bruising, required medical exams, what to eat and drink prior to surgery, and the prescription of an anti-nausea pill to take on the morning of the surgery. In all cases, you will be asked to have a reliable friend or family member take you home after the surgery, as you will not be allowed to drive.

Also, take care of all your chores and to do things before your surgery so you don’t have to worry about taking care of things early during your recuperation. This means if you usually clean the house do it in advance of our surgery. Also have your hair cut and colored, wax your legs, pay your bills, and take your dog to the vet ahead of your surgery.

If you are going to have buttock implant you are not allowed to sit on your buttocks for more than a few minutes at a time during, the first two weeks. This means no driving during this period. From the third to six weeks after surgery, you can only sit on soft pillows and cushions. Make sure that you have enough pillows and cushions to help you during this period.
Because the incision is located in the buttock crease, it needs to be meticulously cleaned in the shower at least once daily and every time after bowel movement, during the first two weeks. Therefore, make preparations for this.

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